Using comedy
for a serious purpose

The effects of laughter are known to be beneficial and these benefits have been researched by a number of different bodies.

In 2011 an international research team, led by Oxford University, found that when we laugh the physical exertion leaves us exhausted and thereby triggers the release of protective endorphins. These endorphins, one of the complex neuropeptide chemicals produced in the brain, manage pain and promote feelings of wellbeing (

In addition to the science, the route to laughter is in itself beneficial. Indeed the skills used by professional comedians to write material and perform can be used in every day life. Laughing Matters uses the creative process of writing humorous material to help develop confidence and self-worth and to help harness negative energy into positive output.

Laughing Matters uses the creative process of writing humorous material, developing confidence, positive audience feedback, harnessing negative energy into positive output.

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